Men’s Guide to Buying Lingerie for Your Wife

November 17, 2012

orchid fashion boutiqueHere’s an interesting fact: men love to see their wife or girlfriend wearing lingerie. Lingerie is sexy and sensual to look at and it is very inviting. Sometimes all it takes is for a woman to wear lingerie for a man to drool over her. Unfortunately, most men have absolutely no idea how to shop for women’s lingerie. To help you find and buy the best lingerie for your wife or girlfriend, just consider the following tips:


Know Her Size

This cannot be stressed enough. Make sure you get her size (band size, bra size/cup size, and waistline) before you spend some money on fancy and seductive-looking lingerie. You want your ladylove to be at ease wearing these undergarments, not constricted and uncomfortable. Be creative: ask them directly for their sizes, wash their clothes to figure it out yourself or go through her stuff and check her measurements.


Find Out What She Likes to Wear

Most men buy lingerie based on what they think is good for their partners, but they usually forget that women aren’t always so willing to wear something so sensual and revealing in nature. There are a lot of different kinds of lingerie, with some more sensual and revealing than others, so take some time to figure out which one your girl would readily agree to wear. You don’t have to limit yourself to the type of undergarments they already have – you are the one buying the lingerie after all – but try to take it one step at a time and consider her level of comfort. She will appreciate it more and look much more stunning wearing lingerie that she feels comfortable in.


Shop Online

Most men would be too embarrassed to even try shopping in a lingerie store but luckily you can buy these items online now. The good thing is that if you buy online, you’ll have limitless resources available to you. The Internet is filled with thousands of lingerie stores and online shopping centres so you can easily spend hours just looking for the right choice. This is good because it will let you research more and you’ll have more selections to choose from.


Read the Labels

Lastly, always read the labels. You’ll want to know the washing instructions, if there are any materials that could cause allergies, or if you can avail of lingerie accessories and other extras with your purchase. Don’t just pick something cute and sexy and pay for it right away. On this same note, make sure to read some customer reviews. The shopping site may have posted something pretty to look at but you may discover that customers have been complaining about it. The size may be inaccurate, the materials may not be as advertised, or that specific lingerie may not be as durable as you’d expect.


Here’s another interesting fact: women like it when their men buy lingerie for them. So shop for the right piece and your wife will really appreciate this gesture.

Ladies Designer Lingerie and Some Buying Tips

September 27, 2012

If you are a woman, you should know about the importance of lingerie. During honeymoons, lingerie is being worn by brides. From there alone, you can have an idea that lingerie is being used so a woman may feel and look seductive. A lot of women claimed that wearing lingerie allows them to feel sexier. It can definitely boost their self confidence. Indeed, lingerie plays an important role in a woman’s life. There are different types of lingerie and they come in different designs. Generally, lingerie is always made from fabrics that are supple and soft such as silk, hosiery, cotton and satin. Lingerie comes in different colors too. If you are a woman who always wanted to pair your lingerie with your clothes, it is possible.

If you are planning to buy lingerie, it is important that you consider some factors first. Do you want plain looking lingerie or do you wanted to go for designer lingerie? Most women choose the latter despite its huge price. Ladies designer lingerie is very popular nowadays and the choice of women. The reasons are obvious – designer lingerie generally comes with great quality and durable. You can use it until who knows when. When buying designer lingerie, there are some tips you may want to implement. Below are the lists:

  • Get Fitted. You may already know your size but it’s still practical to measure yourself again. This is to ensure that you really get the perfect lingerie for you.
  • Brand. You have to determine what brand you should choose. If you have something in mind, spill it out.
  • Consider shopping online. This is a good action. Online stores usually offer huge discounts.
  • Choose the right color. This is very important as most women gives importance to their lingerie’s color.

Follow these tips and you will surely end up with a good purchase.

Orchid Fashion Boutique Information

September 27, 2012

Undergarments are as important as the clothes you wear every day. In fact, they are more important especially if you are a woman. Bras, lingerie and panties are in direct contact with your body. If you feel uncomfortable inside, it will definitely outside. Is your bra too tight? Is it loose? Does it make your breast look saggy? When you wear your lingerie, do you feel good about yourself or not? These are just the basic questions that you should ask yourself. Wearing an undergarment is a necessity and you should do it daily to impose a good hygiene activity. However, it doesn’t mean that you should take undergarments for granted. The public might not see your undergarment but you know in yourself if you are comfortable with it or not.

When it comes to undergarments, it is very important that you prioritize comfort first. Some women may feel sexier when they are wearing their favorite undergarment. Well, this is quite true. It is also important that you choose an undergarment that fits your body perfectly. Did you know that you can be exposed to breast cancer if you are wearing a bra that is too tight? If you wanted to make sure that you get the best undergarment for yourself, consider checking Orchid Fashion Boutique. This is an online store that offers ladies undergarments at fantastic prices. The store ensures that every woman will experience utmost comfort when wearing their products.

The store supplies nothing but the best quality brands and products. On instances that a customer will claimed that she received damage item, the store will have it replaced – given that the product has undergo close examination. However, this rarely happens because as stated above, the store provides nothing but top quality products and more often than not, women from different parts of the world are contented and happy with their purchases. What are you waiting for? Visit Orchid Fashion Boutique today.